Genesis Automated Betting Software bets automatically using Lucky Star betting site. According to this betting software, we always have to keep a minimum of Rs.10,000 in our account. The Software guarantees a monthly income of RS.45000 to RS.60000. The software runs on mobile devices only.

Lucky Star is an App acted as a Wallet, and Genesis serves as Lottery Betting. Many people lost their huge money on 12.07.2021 at 1.30 am.

It uses our money to place the bet, and when the bet reaches 10k, we have to re-charge again Rs. 10000 to save this 10000, and so on. It uses our money to bet. Once the bet is finished, the company takes 40% of profit and gives 60% in return + Principle is with us only.

Initially, this Software brings us profit to win our trust. On 11 July, the Software took the bet to – roundly 25000000 (250cr), and 96% of people (250) in the group lost money. I lost 3 Lacs.
4% won, they are company people only.
Now they are flashing this message.

Dear users,
Yesterday we experienced the most extensive cycle in history, breaking the historical record of 110k rupees. Yesterday’s cycle investment amount was 800k rupees, and its profit was as high as 2,900,458.65 rupees.
A lot of users have lost money in this cycle. Users who lose money do not need to be sad. As long as you continue to use the Software, you will earn all the losses after some time.

After the enormous volatility has passed, it will enter a stable period. It’s important to calculate long-term benefits, not one-time gains and losses.

For a quick recovery, it is recommended that you charge and start the Software immediately, which reduces the loss, and it only takes a few days to make up for the loss.

Links to download the Software in Mobile
Genesis APP:http://genesis1.cc/
Lucky Star app:https://luckystars.vip/

They have created the WhatsApp group – [Genesis] No.405, Like many Group numbers

When a person complains about a loss, they remove him from the group and deactivate his software, and he cannot even withdraw his money.

Could you please take strict action against this betting group in order to prevent innocent people from losing their hard-earned money?

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